Today, I wrote my 1700 words, and then... I have no idea what happened, but I suddenly couldn't write a single sentence over the goal minimum. I was so bored by my own story, even after throwing in all that action!
It's like I'm writing the climax, and I'm only 19000 words into the story. I can't quit here! What kind of novel only has 19000 words??

Get a grip. Get a grip. Get a grip!

God, I want Christmas.

I also want a job.

Well, that's abusing my wishes. What I meant to say was: I want money. Reality tells me that I cannot get it without working, though.. So there goes that wish.

No, actually, I do want a job. Do you know how depressing it is sitting in your bedroom writing something that you know won't ever get published, without anything else to do? It's like your life is completely without purpose.

And yet, whenever someone tells me to go get a job at McDonalds, I cringe.
That should tell you something about how much I want you to disappear, McDonalds. You're ruining the world with your existence.


I'm gonna change the subject and tell you something fun.
I made a chicken pie yesterday =) And t'was delicious. So if you guys want to try it, go search for a recipe online. Because I've lost mine.
I'm serious. I had it, then I lost it.
Maybe the dog ate it, mistaking it for the actual pie.
Firsov, you naughty puppy.



Looks a lot less delicious than it was.

You're just gonna have to trust me.


Eureka! I can cook! I can cook!



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