Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D... Finally!

I just got back from seeing Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D.

And... before I start rambling on and on about the storyline, 3D effects and such... I would just like to say that Resident Evil has officially moved on from the zombie genre. Afterlife is an action movie featuring some zombies.
Personally, I have nothing against that.
I'm just saying that because I know a lot of people who like Resident Evil are zombie fans.

"Wait, is this the Matrix?"

Now, let's hate on 3D.

Yeah, that's right.
F*** 3D.

This was the first movie I'd ever seen in 3D, so my expectations were kinda high to begin with. But damn it, was I disappointed.
Instead of thinking: wow, this is cool... and totally worth the money. I kept thinking: omg, these glasses are annoying, and I can't lie down, because then the rims will be in the way... oh god, the screen gets blurry all the time when the camera pans a little to quickly... my eyes... jesus, was that it? In the commercials people keep ducking and shiz... Talk about being overrated...
The coolest 3D effect was the title text.
It was like the text was in the room.
I liked that.

The rest sucked though.

Now, to be fair, it might be our theater. This is a small town, and even though we were in the biggest room, the screen still isn't that big. Maybe the technique is too good for whatever equipment we have.
I really don't know.
But I didn't like it.

Will I see another 3D film?
Maybe in 10 years...
If it's still around.

Or whenever they get rid of those stupid glasses.

NOW! The movie on the other hand was pretty good.
Alice.. Or, Milla, is the greatest female action hero alive at the moment. Some people like Angelina, I do too, but she's got nothing on this ukrainian super lady.
The storyline wasn't great... Actually it probably had the most boring storyline out of all the R.E movies. But the action was great!
I'm a sucker for nice action sequences, and this movie was packed with 'em.

There's a giant zombie/monster/thing with a hammer/axe in this one... They never explain where the hell he came from, but he's pretty cool.
He reminded me of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. And he was probably the most frightening thing in the entire movie.

Seriously, where the hell did this guy come from??

Last comment: Mika Nakashima was in this movie.
I didn't know she was gonna be in it!!
Why didn't anyone tell me??

She's awesome.

And damn, she had some nice shoes.

Lookin' good Mika.... Lookin' good.

She should've worn those cool sparkly shoes to the premiere instead...

I have no idea what those cord things are supposed to be..


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