Can I just ask, like what the hell is wrong with guys?
They eat ALL THE TIME! And then when you eat at normal times of the day, they call you strange.

I kept hearing Mr. Pro salesman saying: I'm hungry! I haven't eaten in an hour!

That's not normal! You need to stop burning so many calories by... whatever the hell it is you're doing. You're sitting on a chair! You shouldn't be needing so much energy!

Is that their curse?
We get menstruation, emotions and pregnancy, and they get Jabba the Hut-syndrome?


*end of rant.


This is way off topic, but wouldn't it be better if Jabba was named Boba Fett?

Like seriously, was there some kind of mix-up?


Postat av: Billy

Haha, so that's why you were asking me about Jabba the Hut last night! xD

Men, we eat a truck load so we have the energy to... eat yet another truck load.

Speaking of which, I'm hungry O_O

2010-10-12 @ 10:21:16
Postat av: Maxie

Yes. It wasn't quite as random as you might've thought =P

But that's my point! Why don't I get to eat that much without gaining a thousand pounds? x'D not fair.

2010-10-12 @ 22:43:07
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