"All these lines across my face.."

Has anyone here played a game called Memento Mori: Requiem?
I figured, why not try it out?
It seems to be very violent. Let's hope that's true.




Pretty soon a new video will be up on WeReadBooks on youtube, so check that out when the time comes. This will be the first time that someone else uploads a video with me in it, so I'm quite nervous to see how it turns out.

And speaking of youtube;
in a week and a half I'll be able to buy my new camera.
I've waited since before graduation to get it, so trust me when I'll say: it'll make my year.

And speaking of books;
I just started reading Paper Towns.
HAH! Yes. I'm slow.

A random note: How many of you out there sit with your laptops in bed?
How long can one do this without losing what's left of your dignity?
A little bit longer than it takes to lose all feeling in your legs, perhaps?


Before I leave you, I shall give you some good advice.
Listen to Brandi Carlile.
She's the singer of that song: The Story. But she's made tons of other great songs, so check 'em out.

Listen to her sing, then look at her face. It doesn't match, does it?
Makes it all just a little bit more intriguing.

Postat av: Billy

I love Brandi, but yeah, that song doesn't quite fit her as much as I'd like. The song talks about all the hardship the singer has been through for their loved one, etc. And I think she needs a bit more depth and "weight" into her voice to make it sound better O_O

I found a cover version of it that I like. The voice fits much better, eh? On top of that, it's made by a WoW fan xD


2010-10-13 @ 19:50:42
Postat av: Maxie

Are you kidding? Her voice is perfect, ya idjit. O.O It's so raw and emotional, and in the end when it breaks and she's just throwing the lyrics out like she's in pain... I shiver with delight every single time. You think that guy has more "depth" in his voice cuz he's a guy? He's singing it like it's a song he heard on the radio. There's no connection between what he's singing and the way he's singing it.

Nope. Not gonna agree with you on this. Not at all.

2010-10-14 @ 02:17:12
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