The Maxster is BACK!

WOW! Here's an example of airbrushing gone wrong!:


There are few things I hate more than over-airbrushed pictures of people that are genuinely hot. I mean, wow... That picture will haunt my dreams for years


I remember when I saw a photo of Yamapi, where they'd taken away his bellybutton. His BELLYBUTTON!!

What the fruggles is wrong with people?


And the fact that they always edit out his eye freckle (see: choroidal nevus) is heartbreaking.


Let's let people be beautiful! Flaws and all. I know I appreciate Pi-chan's flaws more than I appreciate that horrid picture of MatsuJun above. Oh yeah, that IS MatsuJun. Not an alien.


Jesus Macarena.




Anywayz, here I am. Back to the future interwebs. And what do I see? Leslie Nielsen is dead?

For you Leslie, I shall crank up the volume on my speakers and ponder life and The Naked Gun.


But first, I shall make lunch.

Because I'm hungry.


Here's my wishlist, Magyx family:



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