Stuff, and some things.. And I cut my hair.

Today was .. well, I won't say "eventful". Sounds dumb. How about "fun"?

I met up with people I haven't seen in a long time. We talked about how we'd already failed at life, not even 6 months into the game. Then we talked about how well everyone else's lives seemed to be going. Then we moaned about how miserable we felt.

Add a good movie and a puppy, and you've just about summed up my entire day.

Except, I got up at eight to go get my hair cut. Gosh, that felt nice.
I wonder how people with dreads feel when they cut 'em all off. That must feel like paradise blowing magic air on your head constantly. At least during the summer. During the winter, I just don't know. Maybe the opposite.

What bothered me about my hair cutting session was this, though: She cut it dry.
You know what I mean?

When a hair dresser tells you she's not going to wash your hair, because it's already clean, you know you're not getting a real hair cut. She's just going to trim the style you already have.
And if I'm just getting a shorter version of what I had before, why bother?
I could've cut it myself, dang it.

Although, I do love how she skillfully erased all my split ends.
I feel free.
I feel healthy.
I feel like I need to dye my hair.

Maria? You there?
Wanna help?

Now, let's talk about NaNoWriMo.

I spent many, many hours writing something I could barely read yesterday. And then I told myself: DON'T EDIT IT! And then I edited it.
I'm not made for this competition, that's for sure.
But I want to win. That's why I signed up for it without thinking it through first.

Want to know what my story is about? Maybe I'll tell you........ when I know the answer.


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