Circle lenses on the way... oh, and some paid-for mindless spinning.


Today I went to the carnival downtown.
Did a lot of spinning, did a lot of ... hiding under a bridge...
Yeah, the weather wasn't great.

But other than that, I had a pretty great time.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to the annual music festival, called Yran, this year. I usually don't go anyway, but this year it was about money, and other years it's most often about me not liking the music.
Why don't you just get a job? You ask. (douche)

Well, at the moment, I don't even have a finished resume.
I'm working on it though.
The hard part is the personal letter, since it's supposed to be different depending on where you want to go. And.. I haven't really decided that yet.

But, back to what I was talking about:

I had two friends with me, and one of them is afraid of carnival rides...
.... So instead of being nice and saying: ok, that's fine,
we let her hold our bags as we tried out one of the less scary rides.
Cuz that's how we roll. Evil. (And sissy)


I ordered my circle lenses yesterday, so I'll probably get them in two or three weeks.

Yes, I know.
But I ordered them from Malaysia, so it makes sense.

Here's a preview:



The Dolly Eye Violet obviously doesn't look natural. I was planning on buying the more natural looking ones, either from the Angel- or Nudy series. But then I heard that the blue from my eyes could possibly shine through (they're originally made for asians, after all... *bitter*) so I thought I should get the smaller, stronger ones. (Hence: the Dolly Eye Violets)

Later, I heard that the Nudy series was perfect for caucasians though. So now I'm just pissed =P

But I shouldn't be. Because really, purple eyes just don't look natural. Period.




The CK 105 lenses are really popular. For asian women, the effect is: bigger, cuter and more dolly-like. For me I think it will be a little bit different, seeing as my eyes are blue. In the middle you will see a streak of blue, and then the rest will be black. The contrast is obviously more obvious. But I think it'll look great.

What I'm a little bit worried about though, is whether or not you will see the blue at all! *laughs*
Because my pupils are ALWAYS huge. I really hope that won't affect the look too much.

I don't want black, serial killer eyes. =P


Anyway, this post was very girly. I think.



There, now it's unisex.


Although, I think more guys should try out the circle lenses. *throwing out some hints*


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