18 is the new 78

Today I stepped out of my house and felt a breeze on my face.
It was nice.
A bit brief though.

Because the sun came down and banished the wind, scorching my feet in the process.
Doesn't change the fact that today was a good day though.
I was in such a good mood, I figured I could walk home.
After about 6 of those 8 km, my hips started breaking down. This was the moment when I realised I was experiencing the so called Old man boo boo. I couldn't walk without stopping every five minutes for damage control.
I refused to stop though... The 60 norwegian and spanish young boys rushing towards me (not really towards me, but towards the bus stop behind me.. scary either way) was my motivation. I needed to get away! Otherwise people would see me limping.
I pushed on.

That is why I couldn't move for about 5 minutes when I came home.

Oh, and btw. I'm 18. Bet you thought I was 78. Nice to meet you.
I need my beauty sleep now.



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