--before-- Inception

It's time for me to find my shoes and step out the door.
Yes. It's movie time.

I've heard a lot about Inception. For example: that it's very complicated.
What a blow to my ego if I step out of the theater thinking: I didn't understand any of that.
But even if that happens, and someone asks me what I thought about it,
I'll say something like: I thought it had a very interesting underlying message about how religion can destroy empires, but also build them. (/random)
And when they look at me like I should be in a mental institution,
I'll say: I've heard that this movie is very different for everyone, depending on how you perceive it.... Shut up.

Some dog is dying outside my window.

*goes to check*



Well. I guess it's time to go.
Have a nice evening.

Lol. The hair!


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