From now on, I am Tom Cruise. "show me the MONEY!"

I'm not good with people.
I might have lied today and said I was...
But really, I had to glue my eyes to that interviewer, and my brain kept screaming: DANGER!! DANGER!! AWKWARD!!

Not that it didn't go well. I.. think it did.
But it seems it didn't matter what I said. He still would've hired me.
Everyone gets a job there.


You might say: isn't that a good thing?
And I guess you're right.
But I don't feel too good.

Maybe it's because I'm actually sick. I almost fainted on the way home.

Ma' head hurts

I don't like this whole.. being an adult thing.
I think I'll go back to being a child again, thank you.

*crawls into mama's lap*


No, but yeah.. Training starts tomorrow.


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