Fear of the dark.

I walked home at.. what was it?.. 1.30 a.m or something. (an hour ago)
And god damn it, I'm still really afraid of the dark.

I avoid walking in shadows too, for some reason.
I keep thinking: If I walk there, something's gonna happen.

I never know what or why though.

When I was little, and I had to walk home to eat dinner during the winter (=REALLY DARK) I would always pretend that there were hundreds of ghosts in the woods that wanted to kill me, but that they couldn't attack me, cuz they were waiting for one of their ghost friends who had to tie his shoe laces.

Yes, that helped me in the past. But now, my imagination is far inferior to what it once was.

When you grow up surrounded by trees, you're supposed to be used to dark forests.. But I'm not. When I walked home today, I thought I saw someone running towards me from the woods, and it freaked me out.
...Turned out it was just the light from a lamp post though.

I remember having to run around in the woods a lot in gym class,
and especially this one time, at 8 in the morning, when this eery fog filled up the town. I ran around looking for red stamps, but in my head, I was running from a serial killer hidden in the fog

It's a miracle I'm able to sleep without my night light on.

Seems to be the only thing I feel now a days.

That, and pain.
My ribs really hurt for some unexplained reason.
Are you a doctor?
Am I going to die?
I'd like to know.



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